Saturday, August 18, 2012

Before and After

     This is my 19th year of teaching, and I can honestly say that I believe this was the best first week yet! My new firsties are responsible, smart, and eager to learn.  This was what my classroom looked like before....

and this is what it looked like AFTER my new kiddos arrived in their sparkling new shoes....

(The sticks and rocks in the middle made up our "campfire" and went along with our opening theme of CAMPING.) I just love their colorful little feet:)

     On the first day, we read The Kissing Hand and ate kissing hand cookies made by me the night before school started. I am always such a bundle of nerves the night before that first day, that I can't sleep.  So I make cookies...(and I eat chocolate...lots and lots of chocolate:)

I feel so fortunate to have such a sweet class this year, and supportive parents who turned in 100% of the paperwork and supplied us with lots of extra "stuff" for our class.  I'm excited about a great year and look forward to posting lots of photos here.

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