Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday our class performed our first Readers' Theatre of the year with "Cinderella Bigfoot". Despite the fact that a tree fell across our "stage" and we had limited room to perform, the kiddos had a good time practicing reading with fluency, expression, and Does this class ever have CHARACTER!
For Readers Theatre, we typically read a book on Mondays, find the script free from , read through the scripts on Tuesdays, assign parts and practice repeated readings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, then bring props and costumes to act out our plays on Fridays in our outdoor classroom. The kids absolutely LOVE going to the woods. It is like our own little Terabithia. (Or at least it was, until tornadoes dropped trees on it.)

Meet the cast:
Cinderella Bigfoot and Prince Smeldred

The Stepsisters, Wheny, Whiny, and Moe
The Stepdog, The Stepcat, and The Stepladder:)

Elsie, The Dairy Godmother

The Queen and King

The Narrators

Artistic Director

Next week, we will do a science experiment script entitled "The Bouncing Egg." You won't want to miss photos from that one! To go along with comprehension and retell, I found an activity on First Grade Parade called The Yellow Brick Road that looks really engaging. Students recall setting and characters, plot and events by traveling on the brick road as they retell the story. There are free printables to download here:

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