Monday, September 8, 2014

Day Ten Complete

Just thought I'd post a brief recap of the first ten days of school, beginning with day one and the making of "Jitter Juice" which washed those first day jitters away yet again.. For the past couple years, I have read "First Day Jitters" and identified with the fact that the teacher is usually the most nervous one of all!

 In conjunction with a camping theme, we went fishing for goldfish in math...
 We're finding that dance breaks are necessary throughout the day to release the pent up energy.
 We went for a hike in the woods behind our school, stopping here to pose for pictures until a swarm of mosquitoes changed our minds. Prior to that, however, we had a nice little snack at our "campsite", and made discoveries along the way that we recorded in science journals.

 We are exploring the terms "predictions" and "hypothesis".  In this experiment, predictions were made as to what would happen when Dawn dishwashing liquid is added to food coloring and milk...

 While studying insects (including mosquitoes) students created their own imaginary six legged, three body part creatures and gave them scientific names and described their habitats.

 And yes, moths really do have feathery antennae.

 Everyone's favorite part of first grade...the playground....
 In last Friday's experiment, the question was "What will happen when you add a dropperful of colored vinegar onto a pan of baking soda?"
 Mini explosions of course!

I am enjoying getting to know a new class. I have to constantly remind myself that while I have now repeated first grade for 17 years,;) it is all new to them. I try to see the world with the wonder in which they see. I know that the growth between now and the remaining 170 days will be phenomenal, and I want to appreciate every step along the way. Despite demands of assessment schedules and outside pressures, our classroom is a place of curiosity and discovery. Hopefully it will be a place of happy times and good friendships as well.
     Thank you to all who have helped us have a smooth transition from kindergarten. I look forward to seeing what this year holds and to making wonderful memories.