Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween, a Werewolf, and a full moon

I knew Halloween would be...eventful.  I knew it before I saw the beautiful full moon low in the sky yesterday morning.  But I did not expect to be greeted by a howling werewolf crawling on all fours through my classroom door at 7:30 am....
We really did try to do Letterland for an hour.  But while we were waiting for the trick-or-treaters from kindergarten to come through our classroom, a little spontaneous dance party broke out....

there is supposed to be a video refuses to upload:(

The quality is not the greatest, but aren't they just the cutest? 

Prior to Halloween, we had done pumpkin activities.  We measured, we scooped, we estimated seeds, we counted seeds, we read about pumpkin growth, and we wrote pumpkin poetry.

Normally only the kinders at our school dress up for Halloween.  But these guys begged.  They pleaded.  They wore me down. I'm a pushover, I admit. And it's not like much work occurs on the best candy day of the entire year anyway. Even though it was only Wednesday, and we had two more WORK days to go...

We had a great party, thanks to our parent volunteers who braved our classroom of werewolves, monsters, and pirates.  They were the superheroes who brought great food and prizes and spent fun time playing games with the precious little goblins!

And what would we do without our batty assistant?  She is the QUEEN of Halloween and she is the one who keeps us on track...she is the money taker, the timekeeper, the bus driver, the paper checker, the copy wonder she's batty:)

As fun as it was, I'm glad it's over. I put up a giant turkey in place of the giant spider web before I went home, I took down the spooky decorations and I hid the party music.  After all, we still have to get some work done up in here;)

Happy November!